About Green Valley
Who we are

Green Valley is a Chinese pharmaceutical company with the courage to face up to toughest human health challenges with a high sense of responsibility. We are also known for innovative R&D within the Chinese pharmaceutical industry. We develop only the medicine that human beings most hope for, and bring about meaningful changes to people’s life.

What we are committed to

We are deep diving into the gut-brain axis study with a holistic view of treatment. Based on these findings, we are possible to uncover a new angle to interpret the pathogenesis of chronic and complex diseases. Those insights are expected to become a major driving force to help us address unmet medical needs.

Why we exist

We exist for the patients worldwide who are suffering from chronic and complex diseases.

Currently, the human disease spectrum is undergoing tremendous changes, and factors affecting human health have gone far beyond gene or cell. Only by means of returning to the very origin essence of life can we discover the fundamental solutions. For chronic and complex diseases including neuroscience, oncology, cardiovascular, metabolism and autoimmunity,  a single-target treatment strategy is inadequate to meet medical needs.. As a result, tens of thousands of patients affected are still in a predicament where there's no treatment for their diseases. Thus, we focus our efforts on carbohydrate drugs development to seek better choices for patients worldwide.

Our History

Shanghai Green Valley Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1997.

Salvianolate injection, a significant milestone of Chinese traditional medicine modernization, received new drug approval from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA). The Green Valley Research Institute was established in the same year.

Green Valley Innovation Fund was created to support drug innovation in China in 2006.

 Green Valley acquired global licensing rights for development of OligomannateTM (GV-971) in December, 2009.

The ground-breaking of carbohydrate drug manufacturing site in LaoNing Province, China, marks a significant milestone for Green Valley’s further development of carbohydrate drug innovation.

Completed patients enrollment for phase III clinical trial of Oligomannate (GV-971) in 2017

Completed phase III clinical trial successfully in July, 2018 and submitted new drug applications and market authorization to the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) in Oct. 2018. Phase 3 clinical trial data was disclosed by Professor Meiyu Geng at the conference of 11th Clinical Trials on Alzheimer's Disease (CTAD) for the first time in October, 2018.